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Before she died my mother received visits from the carers at Careful Care two and lately three times a week for well over a year.

My mother had nothing but praise for all the carers she saw during that time. Every day they visited her I would speak to her on the telephone or go and see her and she never once missed saying how much she had enjoyed seeing whoever it was on that day, would tel me what they had done for her and would unfailingly add "I do like (and so on) She is such a nice person." She enjoyed finding out about them and appreciated it when they were interested in her and her long full life. Each one became a friend as well as carer and she missed them on the days they weren't due to come. At first they helped mostly with domestic chores: washing up; making her bed; making coffe or preparing food; ironing etc. After her move she began to rely on them for more personal care: being on call while she had a shower, or washing her hair, or helping her dress, all things which for so many years she had been fully able to cope with herself as a very independent woman. It can be difficult to learn to allow someone else to perform these personal tasks, but my mother quickly appreciated the skill, tact and kindness which all of her carers showed towards her and she gained confidence from their competence and cheerfulness.

Ironically we had just asked Careful Care to provide a carer on a daily basis when she was taken into hospital where she sadly died - she was looking forward to the extra visits and I was looking forward to even greater peace of mind knowing she would be in such expert hands every day.

I have no hesitation in recommending Careful Care to anyone needing care as they get older, and to their families who may be looking for both careful and caring help for their loved ones.

Testimonial from a service user in Cirencester

The feedback from my mother has always been totally positive. The carers have always been sensitive to her requirements and personality, providing the support she needs on a visit by visit basis.

And from my sister: “she is so fond of the carers, she always seems excited that they are coming. I think they have been excellent moral support for her. I do think they have been a lifesaver for her, I'm sure she would have had to go into a home by now if not for them.

In all my dealings with Careful Care I have found everyone friendly, highly competent and professional and couldn't ask for better.

service user in Cricklade

Thank you for your excellent care!

service user in South Cerney

We are very imprerssed with your care standards!

service user in Meysey Hampton

We started using Careful Care as my father began to need a little extra help. Shortly after this my father became quite ill we found that Careful Care was able to respond to the crisis putting in a large package of care very quickly. The carers dealt with my father with respect and professionalism and were well supported by the agency. Together we worked to ensure my fathers needs were being met while respecting his wishes and I have been very impressed with this partnership. We as a family have found Careful Care ability to easily reduce and increase care invaluable as my fathers needs have been quite fluctuating. They have also shown great skill providing carers that match my fathers personality which has been such an important and valuable part of his care package I can only say thank-you for helping us through this difficult time.

service user in Cirencester

A massive thank you to you all for the excellent care and kindness shown to mum.

service user in Cirencester

Thank you all so very much for your help in enabling John to spend his last few weeks at his home. He loved his visits and the support from you all. Our family and I really appreciated you all coming over from Cirencester area to help take care of John and me!

service user from Northleach

He was delighted with the carer who went in yesterday as she helped him with some gardening, could you thank her, it was so nice to hear him so happy and excited.

service user from Meysey Hampton

We appreciate everything you and your carers do - you are more like family to her than just helpers or nurses. Thank you so much for caring about her as well as for her.

service user from Cricklade

I have been extremely impressed at the 'professional set up' of the company and their ability to respond quickly and appropriately to an unforseen sudden need for caring input. Phone calls are always answered swiftly and call backs made quickly. The two carers with whom we've had contact have been wonderful - kind, considerate, tactful and hard working. I would have no hesitation in recommending Careful Care, and indeed have, to nursing colleagues! Thank you Jeanette and team.

service user in Duntisbourne Abbots

We are very happy with the service, my mother is happy and enjoys the company of the carers, and I know they can do things for her that I couldn't! I also realise that Careful Care are exceptional.

From a service user in Cricklade

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